Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

Twin Cities readers - do you know about the library adventure passes? Basically, you just go to the library and can get two free tickets to many local museums and even the Minnesota Zoo. I've known about it forever, but only recently started taking advantage of it in my desperate attempt to get out of the house (to call me stir-crazy these days would be putting it mildly). Two weeks ago we went the zoo (cost savings of $26!) and last Saturday we headed to the Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden (cost savings of $20!). The nice thing about these free passes (besides the whole free thing) is that you can spend just an hour or two at the location - there is no pressure to see it all that day for fear of not getting your money's worth. The casual visits are not just ideal, but necessary with a baby.

You can't take photos inside the museum (which is probably for the best as I was out of my element - a stack of newspapers on the floor that I almost stepped on = art??), but we took some pictures in the greenhouse that is a part of the Sculpture Garden.

Ah...it was so heavenly humid in there.
Husband insisted on teaching Bella how to drink from a water fountain.
My little cheeky monkey.
Once the weather is nicer, Bella and I will explore the Sculpture Garden. I haven't actually set foot inside it since I was about 10 and visiting from Fargo with the fam, which is ridiculous since I've lived in Minneapolis for 12 years now. Any out-of-towners recognize this sculpture?


  1. Had no idea about the library adventure passes- definitely going to use that one, thanks!!