Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bits & Pieces

  • I find Apolo Ohno to be a pretty young Olympian and fun to watch while he speed skates in his Mr. Goodbody spandex, BUT I have a major, MAJOR problem with that thing on his chin. It's not just the fact that I am against goatees in general, but it's more that the color does not match his eyebrow or head hair. Which then leaves me feeling like he's revealing too much information about himself. Because if his facial hair is reddish, then doesn't that mean his...? And I don't want to think such things! Really, I don't.
  • Since I've already been gross and inappropriate on this post, I think now is the time to tell you that Angelina Jolie's lips remind me of testicles. And now, maybe they will make you think of testicles, too. One can only hope.
  • It had to be at least a steamy 35°F today so I opted to not wear my coat and drive with the windows down. And then I got cold.
  • It's just about that time of year where I pull out all my shorts to try on. Interestingly, I haven't purchased nor publicly worn shorts (aside from exercise shorts) in the past 5 years and yet the shorts remain in the drawer for the sole purpose of being tried on once a year in anticipation of spring. My shorts collection ranges from the green khaki pair from Abercrombie (circa '97) to really short shorts from Express (circa '00). The saving of the shorts mystifies me.
  • All of my shorts are two sizes larger than my other clothes, thanks to the ol' birthing hips. I would generally forget that I needed to buy up a couple sizes when it comes to shorts, resulting in a bad changing room moment.
  • We bought a new shelving unit for our living room and I'm in love. I had eyed it for several years and when I saw it on sale recently, we decided to go for it. We still have to figure out how to decorate it while keeping it functional, in addition to buying a chair to go with the desk. There may have been a moment this weekend when Husband filled it with clay and glass things and plants and I pitched a fit and yelled. Only the martini glasses were allowed to stay. For now. Totally Kate Gosselined him on that one.
  • The burgeoning organization of the living room has spurred me to go forth and organize the rest of the house. I find throwing away expired medicine and unused hair products highly satisfying and can't wait to tackle my closet next.
  • All shorts will be spared from any purging, in case you were wondering.


  1. I'm the same way with shorts! I went to college in a very warm climate, so my mom made me load up on shorts. Haven't worn them since, don't think I even wore them then! Still in my drawer, no idea why.

  2. I HATE shorts and generally think women over age 13 really shouldn't wear them. (And I live in California!)

  3. Here's my thing with the Olympics...I love to watch, but when the US wins, would it be too much to ask for the athlete to at least lip sync the words to the national anthem?

    PS - Shorts are bad!

  4. Husband was reading the comments and said, "Why is everyone so opposed to shorts? What's wrong with shorts?" Haha.

    Jean - Wouldn't winning a medal at the Olympics be the ultimate patriotic moment of your life and you would feel compelled to sing the national anthem??? Maybe they need to bring in people to remind them of the lyrics :)