Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Which I Discuss My Fear of Anne Geddes

We're home. This bright and cheery scene was outside my living room window this morning. Oh Minnesota. If I didn't know better I'd almost call you pretty. But I do know better and I know you are oh so cruel. However, let's not dwell on the reality of being home. I'd rather relive some California memories.

Chicken and I spent the remainder of the week walking around outside as much as possible.
Since there were only so many locations within walking distance of our hotel, I ended up spending an unusual (for me) amount of time browsing stores. One day I stumbled upon an Anne Geddes store in Downtown Disney. As some of my friends know, I have a thing for Anne Geddes. Or maybe you would call it an anti-thing. I find her work really frightening and creepy. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, let me show you.

Ick! Egg Babies.

Double Ick! Sleeping Animal Babies. Why are they sleeping? WHY?
Eeeeeeeee! It's not right!

On Thursday morning, Husband didn't have to work until 11 AM, so we took an early morning drive out to Laguna Beach. Why Laguna Beach? Um...I heard it was a nice beach from fellow blogger Carolyn and (mumble, mumble) I maybe regularly watched Laguna Beach back when it was on MTV.

Here we are preparing for our mini road trip in the understated vehicle that Husband's company rented for us. Me care for the environment? What?

Laguna beach was nice and far more quaint than I would have expected.

See how Husband is wearing his sweatshirt turned inside out? Well, he only brought one sweatshirt on the trip - his beloved William and Mary sweatshirt. At breakfast on Thursday morning, a waitress not only mentioned that she had seen him wearing it earlier in the week, but she asked if the "William" and "Mary" referred to our names. I laugh every single time this happens. Poor Husband. It seems few people outside of the East Coast know about the prestigious College of William and Mary. Anyway, he felt a little awkward both having been exposed for wearing the same clothes to breakfast every morning AND for having people think he likes to wear clothing proclaiming our names so he wore it inside out the rest of the trip.

Bella thought that swinging on the beach was the best.

All the excitement pooped her out and she slept on the ride home.What's that? You can't see her? Ah, yes. That's because she is hidden by her caMOOflage car seat. HA! Thank you folks, I'll be here all night.

On Friday we headed back to Minneapolis and our time in the sun will be on hold until March. Or April. Possibly May. STUPID MINNESOTA.


  1. I feel like such a blog stalker, LOL! I am sooo jealous that you guys were there. How fun and isn't it pretty? That is what O.C. is about, not blondes and bimbos (though, I am guessing that you saw a few of those too). Just little shops and restaurants along the beach. ::sigh:: I should have mentioned that it is a bit more quaint than Santa Monica or Venice Beach which are more famous (or maybe not now that MTV had that show, which I didn't watch either, wink wink).

    PS: I applied to William and Mary, went to visit it and everything! Didn't get in. :(

  2. We must stand different friend. I happen to think Anne Geddes pics are super cute. (but it might be my baby fever taking hold of me). Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. Carolyn - I was definitely surprised by O.C. - I had been expecting an LA-type environment and it wasn't like that. Makes me re-think my previous stance on not wanting to raise girls in Southern California...

    Heather - OK, I can kind of see the pictures. But do you think those creepy stuffed animal babies are cute??

  4. Laura - we are taking Ben to Arizona in April. How did Bella handle the two-hour time difference? Did you plan ahead for that?

  5. Andrea - So initially I was so excited about the time change since it meant that Bella would naturally stay up later so we would be able to get out in the evening and sleep in in the morning. And then I remembered that I'm an idiot and CA-time is two hours EARLIER! So then I was in the depths of despair and all fretty about the situation. But it turned out to be no big deal at all. Our plane times worked out well both ways. ON the way there she ended up napping on the plane during her normal bed time, then waking for a bit while we landed, got our rental car & drove to the hotel and then went to bed for the night shortly after we arrived at our hotel (10 pm central time) and it magically got her on normal time. I guess my one suggestion would be to have Ben take an extra nap in the evening when he gets to AZ. Then get him up to play for a bit before putting him down at the new AZ time.

    In the end - I think it's one of those things that gets figured out one way or another. Let me know how it goes!