Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mothership Super Special #5: California Girls!

We have arrived in California! Look at all the fun we are all having on the beach in the picture below! See how my friend Stacy is all sexy in her bikini? And how my friend Mary Anne has to sit under an umbrella wearing a robe because of her fair skin? But, uh, don't say anything about how lame it is to wear a robe at the beach when you are 13 because she's real sensitive. Not sure why my friend Dawn is wearing a bee-themed swim suit, but you can bet it's made of organic fabric. And there's my friend Kristy being sporty and my friend Claudia wearing the latest beach fashions. And maybe there are a couple more people in the picture, but I don't like to talk about them much because they are sort of boring and weird and obsessed with horses and ballet.


Ah, California. Did you know that things are actually alive outside here? Amazing.

The flight from Minneapolis on Sunday night went beautifully. Bella was the bella of the balla and charmed passengers and flight attendants alike.

She got a chance to catch up on her gossip mags before conking out the final two hours of the flight.

The reason we are in California is because we are tagging along on Husband's business trip. Fittingly, we are staying at the Hotel Anabella (Arabella at Anabella!) in Anaheim. Here are Husband and Bella outside the convention center where his conference is located.

Our hotel is literally across the street from Disneyland. Upon the advice of Facebook friends, I don't think we'll pay to go into the actual park, but we can still check out the excitement at Downtown Disney.

On Monday afternoon we tried to check out the "Anaheim Garden Walk" that was a couple blocks away, but were slightly horrified to find out that Garden Walk = Shopping Mall. Which brings to mind another California misnomer: Knott's Berry Farm = Amusement Park. There is much to learn about these people. Especially when they apparently drink things like this:

Mmmm...Chelada! Who doesn't love a little Clamato and Bud Light combination?

Yesterday was a bit of a dud because it rained much of the day (and you don't know fun times until you try to entertain an 8-month old in a hotel room for hours), but today is sunny so we'll get out and do more exploring. I'm LOVING the warm weather and sun. If Husband is given the opportunity to move out here for his work, I think we would jump on it.

Before signing off, Bella wants to say hello. Isn't my baby pretty?


  1. Have fun! If you get the chance, you are in Orange County, so I highly suggest visiting Laguna Beach and San Clemente (where we used to live). I much prefer those two little towns to Newport Beach/Huntington Beach, although those are fun too (and if you are looking for a wide sandy beach, then HB is the way to go or Santa Monica, but watch out for protesters and homeless people). Oh and if you get a chance, choose SD over LA for a day trip. Bella would probably love the zoo. Coronado and LaJolla are two great towns.

    I miss sunny CA. Have fun! I think Disney is a great day trip for older kids. Not for a baby though. Too expensive, crowded and tiring!

  2. Glad you guys are having fun and Bella had another good plane ride. We are going to Texas in March and are a little worried about how a napless flight is going to go. We'll probably be the annoying people with the kid running up and down the aisle.

    P.S. Nooooo don't move to California! I would miss you!

  3. Dude. People who are in vacationing in California make people who walked twenty minutes to work through the snow in windy near-zero conditions this morning back in Minnesota (ahem) a teensy weensy bit jealous. Enjoy!

  4. Carolyn - Thanks for the advice! I think Bella and I will hit up Laguna Beach tomorrow and do some walking on the beach there. I would love to get to San Diego as I spent some time there while I was at a conference a couple years ago, but I don't think we have the time to make the trip.

    Susan - Megan will delight the entire plane, I'm sure. She's too cute to be annoying!

    Molly - Ugh, gray, cold MN. Esp. the wind blowing in your face and your boogers freezing in your nose kind of weather. The entire point of me tagging along was to escape the weather and get a little vitamin D. Believe me, I'm appreciating every last bit of sunshine!

  5. Hi Laura,

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby (a boy!) and randomly stumbled across Preggy Blonde a few days ago. I've been reading ever since! So glad to come across you.

  6. Molly - Welcome & congrats on the little one!