Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tetris Eye, Among Other Things

Carolyn kindly nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award.

I don't know what it means, really (am I beautiful? my blog? my words? my insides?), but it doesn't matter because HUZZAH it's an award. Speaking of beautiful, click over to Carolyn's blog and check out her family. PRETTY!

OK, down to business. For this award I am to write 7 interesting facts about myself and then nominate 7 others. Perhaps the number 7 is beautiful to the originator of this award? Just a guess. Here are things that are mildly interesting about me.

1. During my last year of college, my roommate brought her old Nintendo (the kind that required blowing on the games to make them work) from her parent's house to our apartment. Having never had a Nintendo of our own growing up (cruel, cruel parents), I became a little obsessed. I played Tetris so much that I developed a serious case of Tetris-eye, which basically meant that my eye started twitching all the time. Also? I'm now really, really, ridiculously good at Tetris.

2. I studied abroad in London with the boy from the show The Nanny with Fran Drescher. I remember spending time in Paris with him during a weekend trip. That last sentence makes it sound a bit bow chicka wow wow, but, uh, no. None of that.

3. I am a dessert-aholic. I eat some sort of nice decadent dessert every single night. Sometimes I eat dessert twice a day. Three times a day on occasion while I was pregnant (How did I gain 53 lbs during pregnancy? Such a mystery!). It's a little ridiculous and I didn't let myself have dessert for two days this past week, just to see if I could do it. I successfully abstained, so now I feel like I'm not truly addicted in a dangerous type of way. Thus, I'm back to my dessert a day habit. And, yeah, I am a registered dietitian.

4. Whenever I hear that new Justin Timberlake & Timbaland song Carry Out (LOVE), I immediately envision myself at a dance club and I mentally try to come up with fabulous dance moves. Because, you know, I'm always hitting the dance clubs these days in my slut-wear and I need to be fly, baby.

5. A couple years ago I ran into a girl (well, woman now) from my junior high & high school days at Target. Back in 1992, this girl had invited nearly the entire 7th grade class to her birthday party. I was not invited. I remember refusing to make any plans for that Friday, right up until the last minute, in hopes I would be invited. It didn't happen and it was very traumatic at the time. I can remember the look of distress on my Mom's face when I was so upset over it. Anyway, when I ran into that girl at Target two years ago my brain went to some sort of crazy place and I could feel my face getting super red and I wanted to run. I had morphed into 7th grade Laura in exactly two seconds. Even Husband commented on it after I had (extremely awkwardly) said "hi" to her. Classic case of revertigo, yo.

6. I'm now having a series of horrifying flashbacks regarding my junior high and high school days. The gigantic retainer that made me scared to talk! The kid who threw glasses of water on me! The way I thought that a table full of boys were laughing at me every time I walked through the high school cafeteria! (For the last one it turned out a kid had a crush on me and the boys were making fun of him, but I certainly didn't know that at the time.) Help! New topic STAT!

7. 2 out of 3 jobs I had as an adult involved human poop. The first was for a lab job where I had to freeze poop specimens and the second was having to flush toilets for eating disorder patients after meals. Thus, having a baby that poops is NOTHING to me. And now that I think about it, if you call my current SAHM gig a job, that means that 3 out of 4 of my post-college jobs have involved human poop. I'm 75% poopy.

OK, DONE! That was seriously hard, especially since I already wrote 100 facts about me a couple years ago. Now it is time for me to nominate 7 more people, but lordy, I'm feeling tired (the junior high flashbacks! They just keep coming!), so I'm going to keep it simple and give a shout out to three people who might want to play along.

Kim, a friend from high school @ It's a Work in Progress
Heather, a friend & former co-worker @ Live Inside My Bubble
Ally, an old summer theater buddy @ Laughing at the Days to Come


  1. Um. Was your WHOLE JOB freezing "poop specimens"? My mind is racing. In or on what? For what purpose? The poop of whom or what? Sorry--apparently this particular workplace concept is unhealthily fascinating to me :)

  2. Ha! Luckily, the freezing of the poop was a teeny part of that job. It was a lab that studied the effect of very high protein diets on diabetic patients. Most of the job was running experiments (think chem lab w/test tubes & pipettes and centrifuges), entering and analyzing data, and meeting w/patients. And the samples I studied were mostly blood and pee (obvs pee is still gross, esp the one patient who drink tons of coffee & his pee smelled like coffee, blegh). I never actually had to see the poop, thank god, as the patients put it in containers that resembled cool whip containers, but I had to manage the freezing & shipping of the poop. Initially there was talk of me processing these samples but I balked at the concept so we sent them out for someone else to deal with. And that person had to (1) thaw the poop (2) puree the poop in a blender and then (3) take out exact amounts of the pureed poop to run experiements. GAG! GAG GAG GAG. Shockingly, I only made it 10 months or so in that job before moving on to the job where I checked toilets & flushed the occasional poo for the eating disorder patients (but again, that was just a teeny part of that job).

  3. haha so funny. that's why I nominated you for this faux award. who makes these up anyway? seems a bit self-indulgent to me (a bit like that dessert addiction). lol. "let me make an award about how beautiful I am".